Enexor (From Instagram Page)

Photo courtesy of Enexor BioEngery.

By Matt Blois

The Franklin energy company Enexor BioEnergy is hiring a Nashville area business leader to lead an expansion.

Robert Grajewski will be Enexor BioEnergy’s new senior vice president of new markets.

Enexor is a renewable energy company founded in 2015 that has developed a system that connects organic and biomass waste into electricity, as well as hot and chilled water.

The company expects to start manufacturing that bioeogery system by the end of the year.

Before joining Enexor, Grajewski worked primarily as an entrepreneur, launching and leading new companies in several industries.

Most recently, Grajewski was the director of Vanderbilt University’s Wond’ry innovation center. He became the first executive director of the center in April, 2016.

That center combines entrepreneurship training, small scale manufacturing and cross disciplinary studies in engineering, health care and other fields. Vanderbilt University professor David Owens replaced Grajewski as the director of Wond’ry in July.

Before leading Wond’ry, Grajewski started a health care investment platform called Edison Nation Medical. He was also a leader at a plastics recycling company and several investment firms.

At Enexor Grajewski will focus on expanding the company into new geographic markets, fundraising and forming new partnerships.

In July, Enexor announced a $5 million expansion that would create 50 jobs. The state gave the company $41,000 in grants to assist with that expansion.

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