Pat Martin

Don't worry, Nolensville residents: Martin's Bar-B-Que won't be closing up the barbecue pit anytime soon. 

In fact, things are going according to plan on its new expansion project in Nolensville to tentatively open in the summer. 

After an unknown time frame for completing the popular barbecue restaurant's new location across the street from its original one at 7238 Nolensville Road, an update has surfaced straight from the pitmaster himself. 

Longtime Martin's employee Kelsey Danielle Cooper posted a message on Facebook group Nolensville 411 from Martin's founder Pat Martin clarifying the current situation for the BBQ spot and quashing any rumors of business trouble. 

"I paused construction to change the design and build a larger bar/patio," Martin shared in a photo detailing the updates. "We have not backed out. We are not bankrupt. We have not been 'bought out.' We are opening this summer Lord willing." 

Nolensville city planners approved the 6.3 acre expansion project for Martin's new location at 7221 and 7223 Nolensville Road in June 2017. It'll be across the street from Nolensville Town Hall and First Tennessee Bank. 

Franklin restaurant 55 South was also planning to join in the new development at the time of the approval. A third space was said to be included on the project at the time, with retail a guess then of what could take it. 

Martin's was also said to be putting a restaurant gift shop in place on the new site at the time of the approval. 

Martin's has been in Nolensville for about 13 years and has expanded as one of middle Tennessee's flagship barbecue restaurants. It has expanded in town to Downtown Nashville, Mt. Juliet, Spring Hill and other locations in the area. 

They've expanded in the region to Kentucky, Alabama and South Carolina, but Martin maintains that Nolensville is home. 

"We opened 13 years ago in 2006 and set our roots there," Martin said in the note about Nolensville. "And I'll make sure our roots stay there! I love this community and I thank you for all your support!" 

The original location is still open for business. 

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