A student worker for QuickFix helps assemble a chair. // Photo courtesy of QuickFix


A group of students and recent graduates from Memphis is bringing an on-demand handyman service to Nashville.

In the fall of 2017 Ben Siegel, a senior at Rhodes College, started knocking on doors in Memphis with two college friends trying to find odd jobs. They quickly had more work than they could take themselves and needed to start recruiting other students.

That’s when Siegel — along with recent graduates Parker Pell and Evan Deere — decided to expand the business. They called it QuickFix.

Now, they employ 400 students in Memphis and have more than 1,000 homeowners requesting help. Siegel said the average customer sends four requests per year.

Students help with moving, furniture assembly, tech support or setting up or cleaning for events.

This week, they’re bringing QuickFix to the Nashville area. They have already recruited dozens of student workers from Belmont, Vanderbilt and Lipscomb who are willing to take odd jobs.

Customers request a job through the company’s website. Student workers find and accept the job through a mobile app.

Siegel said the service usually serves about a 15-mile radius around each university. That service area would cover most of Brentwood and parts of northern Franklin. Beyond that homeowners will need to pay students for mileage.

Homeowners pay $25 per hour for all jobs, and students earn $15 to $21 an hour. QuickFix makes a commission on each job.

Student workers are often working directly in customers’ homes, which requires a lot of trust. Siegel is hoping that the connection to local universities will lend workers some level of credibility.

“Obviously, it’s a great affordable way to get things done around the house,” Siegel said. “But it’s also really reliable and trusted because you’re getting a college student from a university you’ve heard of. Maybe you have a connection to that university.”

Workers go through an application process before they can work for QuickFix. They need a valid student email to apply.

The company mostly relies on word-of-mouth marketing, both for customers and student workers. Siegel said they chose to move to Nashville because Deere already lives in the area, but also because they expect there are lots of students who will use the app.

“Student demand is really what piques our interest in a market,” Siegel said. “We know Nashville is a pretty young city as far as who lives there. They’re receptive to new ideas and new start ups, and there’s a lot of colleges in the area that are easily accessible.”

After Nashville, QuickFix hopes to expand to Austin, Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Orlando in 2019. By 2020, Siegel said he hopes to be expanding to a new city each month.


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