Mignon’s & Urban Hillbilly store manager Alyssa Coffman poses for a photo Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, in Brentwood, Tenn. The storefront at 202 Wilson Pike will soon house Aly & Sy boutique, owned by Coffman, with a grand opening scheduled for the first week of April.

By RACHAEL LONG / Photos by Rachael Long

Those saddened by the news of Mignon’s & Urban Hillbilly retirement closing are in for some good news.

Mignon’s longtime store manager Alyssa Coffman says she’s opening a new boutique in the same location, called Aly & Sy.

Named after her 12-year old daughter, Sy, Coffman said the store will still have items like gifts, jewelry, accessories and clothing that kept Mignon’s shoppers coming back. But it won’t be the same.

The new boutique, Coffman says, will have a trendy atmosphere, a more “Brentwood feel.”

Where Mignon’s had an essence of Southern charm, Coffman said Aly & Sy will be more modern and have an emphasis on furniture, interior design and décor pieces. She plans to shop for the store at markets in Los Angeles and New York City.

“It will just be really well-thought out gifts … things you can’t find around here,” Coffman said.

And while the lines carried in Coffman’s boutique will be different, she hopes the same clientele will remain.

“I think they’ve known me to be here for so long,” Coffman said. “I’ve been dressing a lot of the women that come in here … that’s the relationship that I love.”

It was back in the days that Coffman owned Daisy Mays, an antique store in Nolensville, that she met Mignon’s owner Melissa Grabois. The two became fast friends.

After seven years working together at the boutique, that hasn’t changed.

“We’re best friends ‘til the end,” Coffman said with a smile. “If she was going to stay here forever, I’d stay right here with her.”

She’s had the dream to run her own boutique in mind for a while, long enough to have mentally picked out items and brand lines she would carry if ever she got the chance.

Some of those lines, Coffman said, will include local finds, like jewelry from Nashville-based Girl with a Pearl and art from local artists. She’s already got four different candle lines picked out.

Coffman said she’ll even carry a men’s line with items like cut T-shirts, accessories and belts for men.

Now, she’s got a quick turnaround to get the new store up and running in time for the grand opening which will take place the first week of April. Coffman said she will have a soft open for the boutique mid-March.

She’ll take over the lease March 1 and immediately get to work on a redesign, including a build out, new walls and the addition of two large dressing rooms.

Luckily for her timeline, Coffman said she’s pretty handy herself, having built many of Mignon’s displays and elaborate booths at shows over the years. Handy though she may be, Coffman said she’s got a painter and builder on stand-by, ready to get started when she gives the word.

Coffman said she will send out an announcement to those subscribed to the Mignon’s mailing list, but has otherwise been sharing the news by word-of-mouth.

While Coffman has many ideas to turn into reality by April, one thing about Aly & Sy is certain.

“It’s not going to be Mignon’s,” Coffman said. “You’ll still come in here and get the same customer service … but everything will be different. I just don’t think there’s going to be anything like it here.”

Mignon’s, soon to be Aly & Sy, is located at 202 Wilson Pike Circle in Brentwood.

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