Roy Laws Mitsubishi painting

Williamson Inc. gave Mitsubishi an original painting of a Mitsubishi Lancer as a housewarming gift on Tuesday.

Mitsubishi plans to hang a shingle at the Northside at McEwen building in Cool Springs.

At a Williamson Inc. event on Tuesday, the company’s North American CEO Fred Diaz officially confirmed that Mitsubishi has signed a long term lease for about 40,000 square feet of office space.

Mitsubishi has exclusive signage rights for the building and plans to prominently display the company’s three diamond logo. The Mitsubishi sign will face the Nissan sign displayed across the highway.

“To some degree it’s probably one of the worst kept secrets in the world,” Diaz said, before making the official announcement.

While Mitsubishi made a show of the announcement, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Mitsubishi was listed on building permit applications for the Northside at McEwen building and the Williamson County Commission approved some tax incentives that identified the building as Mitsubishi’s future headquarters.

Mitsubishi will occupy the top floor of the Cool Springs building, as well as half of the second highest floor. The company plans to move in when the building is completed in early spring 2020.

Currently, Mitsubishi employees are working in the SPACES building on Mallory Lane, located a few blocks north of the Northside building.

According to a press release, the office will be open and flooded with natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows.

The building permit application indicates that Mitsubishi will spend almost $500,000 to build out the space. The application lists Irvine, California based IA Interior Architects as the design firm.

Williamson County expects Mitsubishi to create about 202 new full-time jobs over the next five years. The county anticipates those jobs, which includes out-of-state relocations and new hires, will have an average salary of $98,000 per year plus health benefits.

Mitsubishi will soon be neighbors with Williamson Inc. The chamber had previously announced that it will also be moving into the McEwen Northside building.

At the end of the event on Tuesday, Williamson Inc. CEO Matt Largen handed Diaz a housewarming gift, a painting of a Mitsubishi Lancer created during the event by Franklin Artist Roy Laws. The chamber of commerce has paintings from the same artist in their office.

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