PHOTO: Members of Williamson, Inc. and Columbia State Community College at the announcement of the business school agreement in May of 2018. / Photo courtesy of Williamson, Inc.

A few months ago, Belmont University and Columbia State Community College signed a new partnership that allows Columbia State associate degree students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree from Belmont’s Jack C. Massey College of Business.

The idea for this specific partnership began with a meeting facilitated by Williamson, Inc. that included Dr. Pat Raines, Dean of Belmont’s Massey College of Business; Franklin Mayor Ken Moore, Jill Robinson, Director of External Relations & Executive Learning Networks at Massey College of Business, and Dr. Shanna Jackson, Associate Vice President of Columbia State Community College.

Williamson, Inc. CEO and President Matt Largen said, “This is a model educational partnership that exemplifies regional workforce development.  When coupled with strong K-12 systems and scholarships such as the Tennessee Promise, Reconnect and Belmont’s supplemental scholarship for this program, these partnerships are building our regional talent pool so that our businesses can grow and thrive here for many years to come.”

Belmont President Dr. Bob Fisher said, “Through this agreement we’re clearing the obstacles that all too often get in the way of students who are seeking a four-year degree. This partnership paves the way, outlining each step needed to ensure credits earned will all properly transfer while also maximizing each student’s financial investment in their education. At Belmont, we have always valued transfer students from Columbia State, and we are eager to welcome even more to our campus through this innovative new program.”

Eligible students must earn a Columbia State Associate Degree in Business Administration by completing the transfer coursework developed and approved by both institutions. Through this agreement, Columbia State students who meet stated requirements can be granted early admittance into Belmont’s Massey College of Business.

Columbia State President Dr. Janet F. Smith said, “This partnership demonstrates the commitment of Columbia State and Belmont to work together to provide educational opportunity and support that promotes student success. Students can begin at Columbia State, take advantage of tuition-free programs such as the Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect, then transfer seamlessly to the nationally recognized Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont and be eligible for the transfer scholarship.”