Premise Health Wellness Center Brentwood Exam Room

An exam room at Premise Health's new wellness center in Brentwood.

The Brentwood health care company Premise Health has redesigned some of its medical clinics serving employees of large companies and their families.

Premise Health operates medical clinics for large companies that provide health care directly to their employees. The company operates more than 600 clinics for more than 275 organizations.

Most of those clinics serve one employer and are located at worksites so it’s easy for employees to get health care at work. About one in ten of the company’s clinics are located away from worksites.

Premise President Jami Doucette said Premise recently redesigned those offsite clinics to make the patient experience better.

“That is everything from integration of multiple products to evidence based design,” he said. "It's really thinking about the member experience and outcomes.”

Premise Health Fitness Center Brentwood

The Premise Health wellness center has a fitness center next to the doctor's office and pharmacy.

This week, the company opened one of the redesigned wellness center in Brentwood. Premise Health CEO Stu Clark called it a flagship clinic that will serve as the model for new offsite clinics.

The Brentwood facility has a doctor on staff, a pharmacy, a fitness center and a massage room. Doucette said the goal is to integrate every aspect of health care into one place.

Premise Health Wellness Center Massage Chair

One of the most popular rooms at the wellness center is a massage room.

Doucette said a patient could work out with a trainer, pick up a prescription, see a doctor, get a flu shot and sit in a massage chair all within an hour and a half because all of those services are at the wellness center.

The Brentwood center will serve Premise employees at first, but other companies can give their employees access to the center by becoming a Premise client.

Premise invited other Maryland Farms businesses to the grand opening on Tuesday, hoping to find a few new clients. Doucette said it’s often easier to explain how the company delivers health care in person.

Premise’s director of communications Lacey Hunter said offsite wellness centers will primarily help the family members of employees who get care through Premise Health.

Those family members aren’t usually at the work site, so offsite centers can be more convenient.

Premise opened another redesigned offsite clinic in Plano, Texas earlier this year, and the company has plans to open more in the future.

The wellness center opened in July for Premise employees and the pharmacy opened last month. Now, the center is ready to accept employees from other companies.