Bluebird Cafe

Welcome to Nashville, aka Music City, where music can be heard on just about every corner.

One of the most well-known venues hides on a dark street between a barber and a dry cleaner. It would be an injustice to call The Bluebird Cafe a hidden gem when it is an illustrious listening room that draws people in from all over the country.

Red LED lights frame the entrance and reflect off the faces of people eager to enter the intimate 90-seat venue to listen to aspiring and famous songwriters from near and far.

Tickets for each show sell faster than you can blink, and on the night of each show stragglers who couldn’t secure tickets wait in line to gain seating at one of the venue's “first come, first serve” pews.

Some people will wait hours for The Bluebird’s shows, only proving the cafe’s premier status in the city.

The cafe reserves all of its seats so visitors are likely to find themselves face-to-face with new friends. The intimate environment allows the audience to not only get to know an artist and their music but each other.

On this particular night, patrons were able to share an evening with Charlie Mars.

Mars is a Mississippi-born singer and songwriter performing a blend of country, folk, and pop with a warm voice and a vibrant personality.

From the moment he spoke into the mic, the audience gave him their undivided attention until the end of his amiably cozy set.

Nothing but the soft whispers of lyrics could be heard from the crowd as all eyes were on Mars as he sang “I Do I Do” from his 2012 album Blackberry Light underneath the light of the Bluebird logo. Hooting and hollering could be heard when he invited the audience to participate in “Dream Kitchen” from his 2018 album Beach Town.

The Bluebird Cafe hosts over 70,000 visitors annually. It has been showcased on the ABC hit show "Nashville" and in the 1993 film A Thing About Love. Audiences have flocked to the venue after hearing them mentioned by big-time artists such as Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift, both of whom were discovered on the Bluebird’s stage.

Their famed reputation comes from the patrons’ ability to hear songs and learn the stories that inspired them in a quiet and intimate setting. The cafe kindly asks its visitors to keep their voices to a minimum during performances, but encourages talking before and after the show. They hold a “SHHH! policy” designed to give performers and attendees an elevated experience at this music haven.

The venue presents two shows a night, seven nights a week with different styles and themes. From their established Open Mics on Mondays to the “In the Round” shows where artists take a seat in the center of the cafe to converse with each other and the audience while sharing songs, each one inviting patrons into an affable atmosphere.