Franklin Firefighters gifts

In showing appreciation to Franklin firefighters from Station 6, Gloria Benson presented them with an antique fire extinguisher lamp fitted with a custom shade in honor of her mother, a plaque with names of firefighters, and a sheet cake.

After her mother passed away last month, Gloria Benson wanted to express her appreciation to the Franklin firefighters who had responded for assistance numerous times since 2013.  

That was the year Ellen Collins moved into her daughter’s Franklin home.

“My mama was a very sick lady,” Benson said. “I cannot count the times I had to call them (the Franklin Fire Department) to help my mama. They took such great care of my best friend.”

To show her gratitude, Benson recently presented several gifts to the firefighters at Station 6, including an antique fire extinguisher lamp fitted with a custom shade in honor of Collins.

It was accompanied by a personal letter, a firefighter trophy, and a plaque with the names of the firefighters who served at Station 6 from 2013-2020. Additionally, Benson, who is known for her baking skills, treated the firefighters to several homemade pies and a sheet cake.

“She truly loved her ‘boys’ as she called them,” Benson said of her mother. “There are not enough words to say just how much I appreciate the many times they saved her life.”

Interim Fire Chief Glenn Johnson said the Station 6 firefighters were touched by Benson’s thoughtfulness and will always remember her mother.

“We are extremely grateful to Ms. Benson for the kindness and generosity she has extended to our personnel over the years,” Johnson said. “It was our pleasure and honor to assist with the care of her late mother. Mrs. Ellen Collins will be fondly remembered at Station 6 through the thoughtful gifts of Ms. Benson proudly displayed there.”

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