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The Franklin Transit Authority is celebrating Transit Driver Appreciation Day March 18 by encouraging its transit customers to take a moment to thank their bus operator for the great work they do each day, according to a press release from the FTA.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day is held annually to recognize public transit vehicle operators. 

“Our transit operators are the lifeblood of our organization and without them many residents throughout the region would have a difficult time getting to work, school and other activities each day,” said Debbie Henry, executive director of The TMA Group. “I ask our customers to join us in offering a well-deserved ‘thank you’ to our operators serving on the front lines each day.”

No matter the challenge — weather, traffic or time of day — FTA bus operators strive to provide excellent customer service to the residents of Williamson County every day, according to Henry. 

“Now with COVID-19 impacting the region, transit operators are even more vital in providing critical transportation services, especially for essential workers,” she said. “Despite difficult circumstances, these dedicated, hard-working individuals care about their customers and take their job of providing an affordable, reliable and safe commuting experience seriously. 

Community members can participate in Transit Driver Appreciation Day by offering a “thank you” to their transit operator while boarding. Riders can also give their operator a “shout out” and share their experience via social media using the hashtag #TDAD2021 and tagging FTA on Facebook (@FranklinTransit), Instagram (@franklin_transit) and Twitter (@FranklinTransit).  

Headquartered in Franklin, The TMA Group operates and manages the city’s public transit service on behalf of the FTA, regional commuter vanpool service VanStar and CMUTER.com.

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