Down a Country Road IV

Down a Country Road IV art exhibit and sale will return to Theta General Store in Maury County Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., featuring colorful creations from prominent visual artists in Middle Tennessee. 

In its fourth installment of the artistic series since August 2020, Down a Country Road IV show is the result of the initiative of Leiper’s Fork artist Anne Goetze. She is known for her artistic depictions of rural landscapes and conservation, as well as the exploration of how the Contemplative Nuns live in her painting series “Pray to Love.” 

The Down a Country Road series was started during the pandemic as a way to showcase art while other, more usual exhibition venues were shut down. 

“I found strength in knowing that other people were making art,” Goetze said in a press release. “I also wanted to help my fellow artists find a way to get their work in front of others.” 

Collaborating with the Theta General Store owners, Goetz and her crew continue to find a way to make the experience of viewing art safe and enjoyable through COVID. She believes this November exhibit is her most eclectic in the series so far. 

“The artwork includes the mediums of sculpture, painting and photography, and ranges in subject matter from landscapes to a quest for the Milky Way, to wildlife, to a view through the lens of the music business,” Goetze said. 

The lineup for Down a Country Road IV includes nature photographer Robin Conover, figurative visual artist Buddy Jackson, space and sky photographer Steve Confer, reclaimed metal artist Val Adams, portraiture photographer Stacy Zaferes Alger, woodcarver Ken Means, bird photographer Nathan Collie, and Goetze, who will be displaying a new series of oil paintings created during the pandemic. 

“These paintings were made as a form of therapy during the very stressful period of the last few years,” Goetze said. “This latest crop of work is part of an introspective series that came about after a lot of my other projects fell apart. 

“With COVID, I was experiencing what a lot of other artists were experiencing, which was this feeling of being physically restricted. As I felt this way, I decided to ‘bloom where I was planted,’ and explore the natural beauty that surrounds me every day.” 

The Theta General Store is located at 2278 Les Robinson Road in Columbia. A portion of the sales for this event will be donated.