Art from the Heart

Art Helps Cancer Chairperson Anna Hill and Vice-Chairperson Francine Gehring.

Art Helps Cancer is preparing for its next big fundraiser, the third annual Art From the Heart Silent Auction.

The organization uses the event as the primary way to fund its services for local cancer patients and their families. These include meal preparation, house cleaning, lawn care and transportation to and from treatments.

"We help them with their day-to-day needs that they may have to get their minds off the cancer and the worry of that," Chairperson Anna Hill said of the Art Helps Cancer's mission. 

The 2020 Art from the Heart Silent Auction will take place on April 25 at Southpointe Community Church in Nolensville and will feature over 100 pieces of art including paintings, photographs and more.

Hill said that the event has grown each year and they expect to have at least 150 pieces donated this year.

"This year we've expanded and are now accepting sculptures and pottery and fiber work," Hill said.

The event will be free but this year will feature a VIP access option that will include an event wine glass, 2 drink tickets, a meal ticket, a gourmet dessert bar and a swag bag full of premium items, gift certificates and coupons from a variety of local businesses. 

VIP tickets can be purchased at the event's website at $50 a piece or in a package deal of two tickets for $90. 

In addition to food by Charcoal Cowboys, a signature bourbon drink created by Wheeler’s Raid will be available for purchase as well as Mill Creek Beer and a variety of wines.

The funds raised not only help to pay for service to help those dealing with cancer across the county, but help to offer a connection for people in their time of need.

"It's really just touching lives and bringing people together and then them knowing what we're going to do with this," Vice-Chairperson Francine Gehring said. "It's making somebody's day a lot easier, it's, wow, I never thought how simple when a neighbor would bring me a meal, what that meant to me when I had a chemo going on that week. To wake up in the morning and know that my husband has to take care of the kids but the yard is taken care of today. Just taking away those stresses and knowing that there's support here."

Art Helps Cancer began in 2013 after Hill was diagnosed with breast cancer and she and her husband saw the opportunity to assist others in need as she received support throughout town.

"It's good to know that other people experience the same thing that you have and you can kind of have that camaraderie of people being together," Hill said.

Art Helps Cancer also hosts monthly Creations from the Heart gatherings that offer a space for artists to explore the therapeutic opportunities of art making.

"Starting Creations from the Heart was an opportunity and we partnered with [Nolensville First United Methodist] Church to offer kind of a therapeutic night out where you don't have any care in the world, you come and create and you're among other artists and there's fellowship and just a night off," Gehring said.

Members of the Art Helps Cancer board also visit those with cancer and bring them goods, such as a locally-baked loaf of bread wrapped in a white towel with the group's signature red heart and a note or Cancer Care Caddies that have a variety of gifts such as blankets and candy.

"Just knowing that there [are] people here for you, and we're praying for you, and there [are] opportunities for us to help, that's what moves me the most," Gehring said.

More information about Art Helps Cancer can be found at its website

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