After – Dave B.

Dave Bielawski portrays Otto Frank in Dr. Deanne Collins’ one-act play “After: A Play of Memories of Otto Frank.” / Courtesy of Dr. Deanne Collins


After: A Play of Memories of Otto Frank will be performed on Sunday at the John P. Holt Brentwood Library.

The historical drama was written by Spring Hill playwright and educator Dr. Deanne Collins who also penned The Window, a one-act play based on the writings of Anne Frank in her book The Diary of Young Girl.

“I feel funny to say that I wrote it,” Collins said. “What I really did was compile it. Everything that this girl, Anne, says is directly from the book. I didn’t add anything else and I just wove the different sections into The Window.”

Frank’s words were posthumously published after she died in a Nazi concentration camp after her family was arrested while in hiding from 1942 to 1944 in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam.

After also pulls inspiration from Diary of a Young Girl, focusing on Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, who was the only surviving member of the Frank family. 

Otto Frank returned to Amsterdam after the end of World War II where he found his daughter’s diaries had been saved. Her writings were compiled and published in 1947 and have since become one of the bestselling and well known books about life during World War II.

Otto will be portrayed Dave Bielawski with musician Angel Belog performing violin. 

“You know, you fall in love with Anne and you think she’s marvelous when you read The Window and then once you start reading about Otto Frank you realize that positive attitude and that respect that she had for other people and nature and God,” Collins said.

Collins said that After will provide insight into the complexities and challenges faced by Otto Frank left after the war without his family and with the words of his youngest daughter.

“Everybody that lived in the time when people were reporting on people, when people were spying on each other and people were trying to get things on each other, he couldn’t come through unscathed,” Collins said.

Collins said that while the lives and story of the Franks has always been important, that they hold a special relevancy now with the contemporary worldwide political and social division.

“There are universal themes that transcends that place and time and that particular situation. It didn’t stop there, even now we’re seeing a lot of hate-crimes in the news and so it’s relevant to us, it’s important. His message is vitally important,” Collins said. “We feel an obligation to spread the word about what had happen and what could happen.”

After will be performed at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The John P. Holt Brentwood Library is located at 8109 Concord Road. 

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