Lotz House, a house museum which as a residence stood on the front lines of the November 30, 1864 Battle of Franklin, has released a limited-edition Hatch Show Print to commemorate the 155th anniversary of the battle.

The image features “Chip,” the unknown soldier statue residing in the center of the Public Square in downtown Franklin.

“Our mission at the Lotz House is to protect, preserve and educate people on the history and culture of the historic Civil War Battle of Franklin,” Lotz House Executive Director J.T. Thompson said in a press release announcing the debut of the poster. “This pictorial image is designed to bring light to that historic day nearly 155 years ago that changed our lives in Franklin forever. This limited-edition custom print demonstrates why our history matters.”

The poster reads “Chip On The Old Block” along with a quote from Colonel Virgil S. Murphey, 17th Alabama Infantry, “The Battle of Franklin will live in history … it is a monument, as enduring as time …”

According to Lotz House Historian Thomas Y. Cartwright, “The statue is in honor of the Confederate soldiers who died on the battlefield of Franklin on November 30, 1864 and this limited edition print is also in honor of the gallant Americans who died here on that tragic day.”

One detail of the poster is the crossed staffs of the U.S. and Confederate flags. Jessica Downs, a spokeswoman for the Lotz House effort, said the flags were intentionally printed upside down as the signal for distress.

The print may be purchased at the Lotz House Gift Shop, on the Lotz House website www.LotzHouse.com and other museums and fine retail stores across Middle Tennessee.

Thompson added, “This is a limited edition print and once they are gone, there won’t be any more available.”

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin in 2014, the Lotz House released a series of four sesquicentennial posters designed by Hatch Show Print. This poster continues to tell the story of the historic battle.

The Lotz House is located at 1111 Columbia Ave., Franklin, Tenn. For more information call 615-790-7190.