By LEENA KOLLAR via Style Home Page

I don’t know about you, but some days, I just don’t feel like getting dressed. I just want to stay in, sit on the couch and veg out. But, alas, life isn’t always that easy. Sometimes you’ve still got to get up and get out. And sometimes you’re not motivated by your annoying alarm clock, so you end up crunched for time when it comes to getting dressed.

If you have some flexibility in what you’re able to wear, you’re lucky because you can pull off a lazy day look without actually looking like you’re lazy. These outfits are so easy to put together when you’re running late or don’t feel like getting all dolled up. If you want to master how to look like a hot mess- literally, hot, as in sexy- use these outfits as your inspiration.

There’s nothing easier to put together than the combination of jeans and a tee. Throw a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers on too for a look that will get you out the door in under five minutes. No time to wash or style your hair? Just pull a cute beanie over your head to complete your look.

If you tend to wear pieces that are flowy and loose, try an oversized cardigan with your jeans and tee. Slip on a pair of ballet flats to take your look up a notch, and cuff your jeans for added detail.

Even if you just throw on jeans and a tee, you can easily add elements of style by incorporating different colors and textures. Give your look a sporty vibe with a baseball cap and canvas sneakers, or dress it up with some simple pieces of jewelry.

Instead of doing jeans and a tee, you could try a comfortable skirt with your shirt instead. Show off your legs in a pair of ankle boots and toss on a cardigan for the chilly fall morning. Don’t worry about styling your hair; go for the natural “tousled” look to keep the lazy day vibe consistent.

I don’t think there’s anything more comfortable for fall than an oversized sweater. It’s super easy to pull one over a long sleeve shirt and pair with skinny jeans or leggings. Go with sneakers for a casual appearance, or ankle boots for something a tad more girly.

Leena Kollar is a writer, wife, mom and fashion blogger. She runs the women’s style website, The Style Spectrum, which guides women on finding the best clothing, makeup and accessories for their body shape, face shape and individual seasonal coloring. The overwhelmed mother of two (three, if you include her husband) enjoys solo trips to Target, audience-free trips to the bathroom and sneaking treats after her kids have gone to bed.

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