Franklin High

The Franklin High School Admirals have their first victory, beating out the Longhorns and the Firehawks in the election to name the school’s new mascot.

The Admirals won out by getting 44% of the more than 1,200 votes that were cast by the student body.

"The Admirals was chosen because Franklin High is touted by the students, faculty and alumni as 'the flagship' school of Williamson County and is the oldest high school in the district," FHS Principal Shane Pantall said through the WCS newsletter, InFocus. "While new changes are on the horizon, Franklin High will remain anchored in tradition."

In July, a committee composed of district administrators and Franklin High faculty, students, school leaders and community members met to discuss changing the mascot. After asking for community input, to which the committee received 766 responses, it was recommended that the mascot be changed from the Franklin Rebels.

This was not the first time that the Franklin High community asked for a change to the school's mascot. In 1936, the mascot was changed from the original Pioneers to the Rebels. The most recent notable appeals for change were in the early 1990s and 2018.

Superintendent Jason Golden then made the decision to follow the committee's recommendation. The next step was to collect mascot suggestions. Nearly 1,000 suggestions were submitted.

The suggestions were compiled together for the mascot committee to review and choose the top three names. These names were sent to the student body for feedback and to vote on which they preferred. Pantall then reviewed the votes for the final decision.

New branding and logos for the Franklin High Admirals will be presented to the students and community in the upcoming weeks.

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