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Hannah Miniat


Hannah Miniat, daughter of Chandler and Rick Miniat, is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

She is a sophomore at Fairview High School and a member of the Girls Soccer Team. She plays the position of forward for the team. This season, she scored 28 goals, 10 assists, and was named district 12 AA all district and all tournament teams.

Miniat said she “grew up on a soccer field.” Both of her older sisters played and she joined her first team when she was only three years old. “Because I knew what to do watching my sisters play, I was one of the only girls that knew to take the ball to the goal,” Miniat said. “Sometimes I scored ten goals in a game… I never wanted to come off the field.”

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I think the thing that motivates me is my team. I want to succeed for them, I push harder knowing they are on the field with me… my soccer family.”

Her biggest role model is her sister, Olivia. She said, “She has always inspired me to try my best during soccer. She always supports me and shows me that there is always something to improve on.”

When she’s not on the field, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing guitar and spending time with her siblings.

After graduating from FVHS, she plans to continue playing soccer in college. Her dream school is The University of North Carolina. Although she is unsure of a career path, she said she knows she wants to work in a field that helps others achieve their dreams

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