Helberg artwork

Katelyn Helberg's artwork titled Don’t Block the View is part of her AP portfolio that "addresses the human responsibility to protect the environment and preserve the natural beauty of the earth"

Battle Ground Academy has awarded senior Katelyn Helberg with its Mary Campbell Easel Award for the second quarter. She received the award for her colored pencil rendering "Don’t Block the View."


Katelyn Helberg

Helberg has been in BGA’s art program for all four years of upper school. She is currently enrolled in AP Studio Art.

“Katelyn’s love of travel and the world around her fuels her passion for art,” said Wendi Park, Upper School art teacher. “Her AP portfolio addresses the human responsibility to protect the environment and preserve the natural beauty of the earth. We are impressed with her growth over the years, which is exemplified in this work of art.”

The Mary Campbell Visual Arts Center and this award are named for the late wife of Stewart “Brother” Campbell, who graduated from BGA in 1968. Along with the gift of the Mary Campbell Visual Arts Center, BGA’s art department was also fortunate to receive several pieces of furniture and equipment from Mary Campbell’s studio. 

One of these items was her easel. To honor Mary’s memory, it was decided that every quarter, the Visual Arts teachers would review the work of current students and choose a piece of art they feel exemplifies the qualities BGA students strive to achieve: creativity, effort and quality. The chosen piece receives the Mary Campbell Easel Award and is displayed for the duration of the next quarter.

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