Brown Bag

Brown Bag, Food with a Purpose, a restaurant and catering business with a location in Franklin, has been named as a Weight Watchers Favorite and was named by Oprah as a must eat restaurant during her 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour.

While Oprah specifically named the Charlotte, North Carolina Brown Bag location as her tour will stop in the city on Jan. 18, Brown Bag has felt the impact of the endorsement throughout the company.

“To have Oprah and Weight Watchers give us their approval is not only a great way to draw new customers to our business but also great validation for our product," founder and owner Peter Brown said in an email. "You never know how much impact something like this could have, but for a business as small as our it can be huge. Having grown up in the Chicago area, Oprah was a person everyone respected and adored. We are so grateful for any type of publicity but overly elated to have such an established company as Weight Watchers notice us, and endorse our product.”

According to their website, Brown Bag began as a catering business in Knoxville in 2002 and quickly expanded to a second Knoxville location before opening locations in Cool Springs in 2016 and a restaurant in Chattanooga and Dallas, Texas.

Brown said that he never expected this level of attention, but is grateful for the support from both brand icons like Weight Watchers and Oprah but also the customers.

“I started Brown Bag in the small kitchen of my home in Knoxville, Tennessee, and never even envisioned so much as opening a restaurant during those days. Watching the company grow over the last decade has been utterly surreal. Being selected by Weight Watchers has and will propel us to a new level of notoriety and for that I am truly blessed,” Brown said.

That success, Brown said, comes from a passion for cooking quality food and giving clients the best customer service possible.

“We try to keep our menu relatively simple, yet also healthy and affordable. We are quick, thorough, and easily accessible in all of our markets,” Brown said. “We plan to give many others this same customer experience, now that we have been selected by Oprah and Weight Watchers.“

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