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Just Love Coffee, a new cafe and coffee shop on Main Street, has reported “off the charts” sales since opening last week, with the store’s manager Thomas Scott calling it “a real success.”

Situated across the Starbucks on Main Street at 4816 Main Street, Scott said he envisions the cafe as a community gathering place, where residents can conviene to do everything from grabbing a bite to eat, to getting work done with their favorite coffee.

“Our whole mission is to take down the barriers of a traditional coffee shop and make it really fun and accessible,” Scott said. “We want [people] to be able to hang out, work on your laptop, meet a date, go to a business meeting – whatever. We think it’s part of the cafe culture, something Starbucks started and were really successful at, [but have become] a victim of their own success – there’s a line around the corner for every Starbucks.”

Founded in 2009, Just Love Coffee started out as a nonprofit organization in Murfreesboro, and was aimed at helping families adopt children through both financial and clerical assistance. Now, Just Love Coffee is a national brand with locations in Texas and Michigan, as well Nashville’s historic Music Row.

The Spring Hill location saw its first full day of operation last week on June 2, and has been a resounding success for its owners since, outselling even its Music Row location during the CMA Country Music Festival.

“I’m doing more sales out of this store than I am at my Music Row store, which really surprised us, we weren’t expecting that at all,” Scott said. “It’s just crazy, it’s off the charts – this is a real success for us, so we’ll be here for a long time.”

As to why the move to Spring Hill, one factor Scott mentioned was the cost of real estate, which Scott said was half the price of his Nashville location. Even more important though, Scott said, was the community.

“Just from being an operator [in] Brentwood, Franklin, Downtown Nashville… the people are so much nicer here – more authenticity, just genuinely nice people who are just happy we’re here,” Scott said. “That’s really surprised me, just the genuineness of the people in Spring Hill. Everybody that works for me who’s working my other shops, they come here and they’re like, ‘I don’t want to leave because the people here are so nice.’ The customers have been really good.”

Scott said one thing that sets Just Love Coffee apart, other than its focus on fostering the best cafe culture there is, is its fully-featured menu, that goes well beyond the typical pastries and snacks and offers a laundry list of breakfast, lunch and dinner options for guests.

Just Love Coffee is open 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday – Friday, and 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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