The Page Patriots lost Friday night in the second round of the 5A playoffs to rival Summit, ending a stellar 9-1 season. 

It's an underwhelming result for a team with so much promise coming into the playoffs, but Summit with quarterback Destin Wade in tow is just a different team than what Page saw back in October. 

It's Summit that moves on to play at Shelbyville next week, but it's Page that needs to be mightily reflective of how far their program has come. 

Look at the last two years. The team was 9-1 in 2018 and 2019 and claimed back-to-back Region 5-5A titles after a nearly 20 year drought between these and their last region honors in the late 90s. 

They were 7-3 in 2017, and 7-3 in 2016, and 7-3 in 2015 and 6-4 in 2014. They've had six-straight winning seasons, which is difficult to do at the high school level with so much competition and changing of rosters. 

This has happened within a class change up to 5A from 4A, too. 

The second round of the playoffs has been a difficult point for the team the last few years, but you have to think the success they're having will continue to culminate into reaching a further destination in the future. 

Page head coach Charles Rathbone has been at the helm of the Patriots for some time now, and he's establishing himself as one of the best coaches in Williamson County with a track record like this. 

It feels not too long ago that Page wasn't the model of consistency it is now, and it's highly commendable for what Rathbone has done to create such a standard of winning as he has in Rudderville. 

When you think of Williamson County football, it's easy to remember the Brentwood Academies, the Brentwood and Ravenwoods, the upstart Nolensvilles. 

Page used to be primarily a volleyball school with its six state titles from 2000-2011, and other sports have found nice windows of success (just think about that stellar girls' basketball season last year). 

Its athletic programs as a whole as of late have been strong, but its football team is making winning a definite habit. 

They're now one of the best football programs in Williamson County. 

So even though the team is out of this year's playoff race, they have much more to be proud of. Each athlete and coach that's poured in this program has created something that's built to last. 

Future kids who come into Page High School's football program will be expected to win, and win a lot. 

This is a winning program with Rathbone at the helm, and that's not going to change anytime soon. 

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