It may seem like nothing more than semantics, but there’s a specific reason the downtown Franklin event that’s held the first Friday of each month is referred to as a scene and not a crawl.

That’s how the originators of the Franklin Art Scene envisioned it as they launched the very first one in September 2011.

“It’s a different type of art crawl,” explained Kelly Harwood, owner of Gallery 202 in Franklin and one of the founders of the Franklin Art Scene. “It’s not like Nashville or any other where it’s just galleries [showcasing local art]. We’re actually more of a community and local business art scene.”

As the free monthly event celebrates its eighth year Friday from 6-9 p.m., area artists will be showing their creations in not only galleries but also in banks, churches, real estate offices, retailers and more throughout downtown Franklin. Harwood said the event has sort of taken on a life of its own in the nearly 100 Fridays it has been held.

“We’ve been very pleased with it,” he said.

To put the Franklin Art Scene in motion, Harwood collaborated with three other local art enthusiasts: Michael Damico, owner of Damico Frame and Art Gallery; Autumn Bethea, who owned a gallery on Second Avenue North at the time; and Nancy Williams, then director of the Downtown Franklin Association.

“We reached out and started going around to different businesses to see how this would work out,” Harwood said. “We didn’t have that many galleries and we wanted to showcase art throughout the community, so we asked local businesses to host an artist. They were happy to, and they opened their doors, served a little wine or whatever, and some had live music. It was very successful and the crowds loved it.”

Most of the artists who show at the Franklin Art Scene are from Williamson County as well as Nashville, Murfreesboro and other area cities and counties.

“Folks will come to us at Gallery 202 or will contact us through Facebook or on our website, letting us know they’d like to be featured,” Harwood said. “We try to ask the artist to go around during the Art Scene and see where they would fit, so their art fits in that particular location.”

As he is once a year, Harwood will be the Gallery 202 featured artist for Friday’s Art Scene, where he’ll display his new landscapes, soulful animals and colorful abstracts.. He’ll be joined by 82-year-old artist Albert Nahman of New Mexico, who will have a collection of metal sculptures on the outside of the gallery.

Also, you can visit Rare Prints Gallery and find Damico and his collection of vintage and antique maps and prints.

Here are other sites and artists:

  • Franklin Creative, located at 1261 Columbia Ave., will showcase Samantha Ornellas & Shelly Moore who will feature “Life in the Garden” themed pieces.
  • Franklin Road Apparel, located at 508 W Mains St.,will showcase the art and a live demo of local fiber artist Sissy Harrington and the work of abstract artist Yovi Veliz,as well as musical group South for Winter.
  • Hester & Cook, located at 340 A Main St., will host artist Jill McElroy, who believes that creativity multiples the more we use it.
  • Historic Presbyterian Church,located at 5th& Main St., will feature husband and wife pottery team Larry and Tracey Rogers.
  • Imaginebox Emporium, located at 311 N. Margin St., will showcase the original illustrations of Cory Basil as well as his other creations using mediums such as watercolor, oil and gauche.
  • John H. Green, located 118 4th N., will display the work of Courtney McCullough, who loves texture and unique color combinations.
  • ONYX & ALABASTER, located at134 2nd N., will host artist Hannah Mooney, whose pieces convey movement, energy and balance,
  • Purple Butterfly, located at 142 2nd N, will feature artist Alison Fullerton, who paints visual anthropologies — portraits that explore different cultures and people. Greg Pope, singer songwriter and author of “I’m a Big Girl”, will be sharing his music.
  • Sage Sleep, located at 434 Main St., will showcase Eddie and Connie Hill of Hill Fine Portraits, who are internationally known for their portrait artistry.
  • St. Philip Church, located at 113 Second Ave., will feature its Firstlight Art Academy exhibit and also live music from John Angotti.
  • Savory Spice, located at 324 Main St., will host Paulette Licitra, whose paintings try to capture the poetry and charm of place.
  • Tin Cottage, located at 334 Main St., will showcase artist Kimberly Star, who creates heirloom quality Halloween décor.
  • Twine Graphics,located at 304 Public Square, will display the work of Jon Reddick, whoseoil paintings are inspired by music.
  • VintageTN, located at 1261 Columbia Ave., returns this month as an artisan destination for those looking for inspiration, community and materials.
  • Visitor’s Center, located at 400 Main St., will be featuring the culinary creations of Toni Zorich.
  • Williamson County Archives, located at 611 W, Main St., will feature Pat Bistline, who combines nursing and art to provide healing. Her journey has taken her pieces as far the Vatican!
  • Williamson County Enrichment Center, located at 110 Everbright, will feature Peggy Leigh Reeves, who is inspired by faith, self-expression and music.

The Franklin Art Scene trolley is also available for free rides throughout the event. For more information on the Franklin Art Scene, a full list of artists and a map of all featured locations, visit


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