ABOVE: Though Chickasaw Place has not been designed yet, it is expected to be similar to the Reddick Senior Residences adjacent to Academy Park. // FILE PHOTO



There will be a neighborhood meeting Thursday evening to discuss the upcoming plans for a senior residence to be built at Chickasaw Place at 1101 Shawnee Drive. The development will host 48 apartments; 12 will be attached residential homes, and one will be a detached residential. The property will take up approximately 6.38 acres.

“We don’t have the designs set for it yet because we’re still in the planning stages with the planning department, but essentially it would be about the size of our Reddick Senior residences. It’ll be very similar,” said Susan Minor, director of community development for Franklin Housing Authority.

Reddick Senior Residences are located adjacent to the Academy Park campus, adjacent to the Williamson County Public Library.

Last week, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission reviewed the plans for the upcoming Chickasaw Place residence and appeared impressed, particularly with the location and the lack of traffic.

“Our plan for the Chickasaw senior building is that we will develop it ourselves. We will hire a contractor to build it. But our plan is to act as our own developer. We have applied for tax credits with that property which would apply us some of the funding to build the building,” Minor said.

The Franklin Housing Authority plans to build new home-ownership units, including houses and town homes. No plans are confirmed, but that is the company’s long term goal.

The neighborhood meeting for the Chickasaw senior residence will be at 100 Spring Street at 6 pm.