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By JAY POWELL / For Franklin Home Page

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In the late 1990s, just about everyone in the world knew about Tae Bo. Now the franchise has a home in Franklin off Highway 96.

In the late 1990s, Tae Bo became a hot fitness trend. Nearly 20 years later, and with more than 500 million home workout videos sold, Tae Bo has become an international commodity.

Shellie Blanks Cimarositi has worked side-by-side with her father, Tae Bo founder and developer Billy Blanks, for decades. She has appeared in workout videos, taught some of the first Tae Bo classes and continues to certify new new trainers each year.

Today she and her husband Mark Cimarositi own and operate Team Tae Bo Fitness, a franchise location in Franklin off Highway 96.

eItes the old saying, eWhen you love what you do, you donet work a day in your life,ee Shellie said. eThates how I feel to see people going from point A to point B and having success, of course in weight loss, but more importantly seeing them make the change for the better in their entire life.

“It inspires me to keep doing it and therees nothing greater than somebody saying to you, eThanks for that class, I really needed it

At Team Tae Bo Fitness, the Cimarositis have kept the Tae Bo sensation alive well past ites new millennium peak. They work day in and day out offering multiple level fitness classes.

Part of Tae Boes popularity — and what keeps more people coming back — is its diversity. There is very little choreography to follow. Ites always changing and each workout is different from the last one.

eThe first step is to step into the gym,” Mark said.e eIt keeps you challenged too because ites always different.e

The Cimarostis moved to Tennessee from Los Angeles about four years ago. As a part-time Tae Bo instructor at Franklin Athletic Club, Shellie began to notice her classes growing more and more popular. A year ago they decided to open their own gym.

As a family business, the Cimarostis want to share that same vibe with their customers.

eEspecially with a tight community like Franklin, ites really starting to get into the families doing it together, young and old and a lot of husbands and wives, which is really cool,e Shellie said.

Aside from burning more calories in an hour than a typical cardiovascular workout, the benefits from Tae Bo have been shown to improve balance, flexibility and coordination. Although it involves kicking, punching and moves associated with martial arts, Tae Bo is about increasing fitness through movement.

There are three main classes offered at Team Tae Bo. Therees the regular Tae Bo class, which is what youeve probably seen on the infomercials — lots of rhythm, lots of energy and the momentum never stops. The extreme class, which is limited to 40 participants, focuses on muscle strength by incorporating free weights, weight balls and more things to make the sweat burn a little harder.

TRX, or etotal resistance exercise,e uses suspension straps and different devices for creating resistance based on foot position and body weight, getting the best workout for your core.

For $49, new members can take as many classes as they want for a month, including the extreme and TRX classes.

eThates over $100 off and ites a great way to introduce yourself,e Mark said.

On April 11-12, Billy Blanks will be in town and Team Tae Bo will offer four classes taught by the master and founder himself. The classes are already sold out.

eHe only comes once, maybe twice a year,e Shellie said. eSo ites a real special time and classes are filling up. Ites going to be cool.e

For the future, Team Tae Bo is looking to add another class in the next few months, this one focusing on kickboxing and heavy bag training. The team will also visit Brentwood High Schooles freshman wellness classes on April 18 to teach Tae Bo to students.

In the meantime, Mark and Shellie will continue to offer Tae Bo to anyone interested in a workout that is effective, beneficial and a whole lot of fun.

eItes fun to see people that have never really been in an athletic atmosphere, team sports or anything,e Mark said. eThey come on in and they push themselves physically, which they never tend to go there before. So ites nice pulling stuff out of people, helping people reach new goals which they never thought they could reach.e

Team Tae Bo Fitness is located at 1113 Murfreesboro Road, suite 101 in Franklin. For more information, click here.

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