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Michael Mosley appears in a Davidson County Criminal Court on March 29, 2022, the second day of his 2019 double murder trial.

Convicted murder Michael Mosley appeared in a Davidson County Criminal Courtroom on Thursday for his scheduled sentencing hearing.

Though, that sentence has been delayed by one week after family members of the victims spoke in court along with Mosley himself.

Mosley was originally scheduled to be sentenced on May 26, but that date was pushed back to Thursday, June 30. Now, Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton will issue a written sentence next week. 

Mosley is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence for a different assault case and is now facing the possibility of life in prison.

As previously reported in March, Mosley was convicted of two counts of first degree murder, one count of attempted first degree murder and one count of assault following a nearly week-long trial for the killing of Battle Ground Academy graduates Clayton Beathard and Paul Trapeni III and the wounding of AJ Bethurum in December 2019.

Thursday's hearing began with testimony from a Cheatham County Sheriff Department official who testified about Mosley's violent actions while incarcerated, testimony which was corroborated by video evidence showing him involved in several jail assaults.

One of those assaults was during a jail riot that saw Mosley attack a man accused of killing Mosley's brother. 

The hearing also saw several victim impact statements, including a letter that was written by Bethurum. He was partly blinded in one eye as result of the attack, but who was not present in the courtroom.

"In a senseless act, two of our dearest friends were unexpectedly taken away from us in just moments," Bethurum's letter reads in part.

"Paul and Clay were taken from us in the most cruel and unjust manner, but we will carry on their legacy, their spirit, and they're desire to do good in this world," the letter continues. "We are stronger each day. Our relationship with the Lord has grown closer."

Michael Mosely trial 2022

This surveillance camera still frame shows the moment that police said Michael Mosely (indicated by the red arrow) fatally stabbed one of two  Williamson County men during a 2019 bar fight.  

Trapeni's sister and Beathard's father also took the stand to address the court and Mosely about the impact of their losses.

"We will never have the light-hearted holiday season that so many enjoy," Trapeni's sister Caroline Mitchell told the court. "I was flying home to Nashville for Christmas that afternoon. I missed a final hug and a smile by only hours. At times, I wish I was home when it happened, but in all honesty, to some extent I was spared. I did not have to call 911, I did not have to witness my mom collapsing on the flood of the Vanderbilt hospital. I did not have to talk to the doctors about the lengths that the doctors went through to bring Paul back to us."

"My parents and Carter and AJ and all of the witnesses you heard from during the trial, the once kindergarteners I drove around in my mom's Suburban, lived these hellish moments in real time.

"Some things cannot be fixed, they can only be carried," she continued. "My family will carry this forever, Annie will carry this forever, the Beathard family will carry this forever, Paul's friends who were injured but survived, like AJ, will carry this forever. Strangers who did everything in their power to save these boys and pray with them in their final moments will carry this forever. The Battle Ground Academy community will carry this forever. The Rhodes College community will carry this forever. It is our position today that so too should Mr. Mosley carry this forever."

Perhaps the most impactful statement came from Beathard's father, who addressed Mosley directly.

"I know your life has been hard here, man, and that stinks, it sucks, I know it,” Beathard’s father Casey said with emotion as he expressed his belief in salvation through Christ. “Please give it a chance, give Him a chance, please. The last thing my daughter’s best friend said before the trial started weeks ago...[she said,] wouldn't it be awesome if Clay and Michael could become great friends in Heaven, and that’s our prayer.”

Mosley appeared in court wearing sky blue jail scrubs and was attentive throughout the victim impact statements. He appeared to have been moved especially by the statements from Beathard’s father.

Mosley also took the stand where he apologized directly to the family of the victims. 

“Countless times I've started and restarted in my head and on paper. And no matter how I constructed the words that never seem to fully convey how I feel, then I came to the realization there are no words that could ever heal your pain,” Mosley said in part. “My only hope in writing this is that helps you on your journey to find peace and closure. First and foremost, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry your family and friends lost their lives because of my actions, and I'm sorry for the insurmountable pain and suffering you went through as a result. I say that with sincerity, not because it's what's expected of me. Those words truly reflect what’s in my heart.”

We will have continued coverage of Mosley's sentencing hearing when court resumes next week.