Christopher Andrew Stafford

Christopher Andrew Stafford

A Fairview man was sentenced to a year in jail following a 2019 case that saw him charged with distributing two videos of child pornography.

49-year-old Christopher Andrew Stafford was indicted by Williamson County Grand Jury on two charges of aggravated sexual exploitation of a child in June 2020, following his December 2019 arrest by Fairview Police. As part of a plea deal, he pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted aggravated sexual exploitation of a child.

On May 10, 2021, Stafford was sentenced to a total of five years in state prison, but as part of the plea deal, that sentence will be suspended to probation pending Stafford’s incarceration in the Williamson County Jail for one year, which he will begin next week.

The City of Fairview operates its own criminal court which handles local cases first, with more serious crimes often advancing to the county court system.

According to the affidavit filed with the General Sessions Court of Fairview, Stafford sent two electronic messages to someone that contained videos of children engaging in sexual activity.  

No further information about the content of the videos or who they were sent to was made available by the court. 

While the case was bound over to the Williamson County Grand Jury, Stafford was given a $100,000 bond with the conditions of having no internet access as well as being barred from contact with children.

A condition of Stafford’s plea is that he will also be placed on Tennessee’s sex offender registry.

Williamson County Circuit Court Judge James G. Martin III accepted the plea deal, and on Monday he ruled against imposing a sex offender tax against Stafford. 

Stafford’s attorney argued that Stafford has been cooperative with law enforcement since his arrest, and noted that Stafford will no doubt face financial challenges due to his conviction.

Judge Martin acknowledged the severity of Stafford’s crimes, as well as acknowledging the impact that this conviction will have on both Stafford and his family, calling the conviction, “a scarlet letter that will move forward.”

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