For the first time in school history, the Fairview High School wrestling team will be bringing home a duals state title. 

The team (20-3 to finish the year) won the Class A-AA duals wrestling tournament Saturday with a 39-36 win over regular contender Pigeon Forge at Nolensville High School, the alternate tourney site. 

In the semis, the Yellowjackets won over Hixon 44-31. 

Summit High School finished third in the Class AAA state tournament Saturday, falling to Cleveland 41-37 in the semifinals at Independence HS. 

The Spartans got a 43-20 win over Oakland to start the day. 

Below is the box score from the : 

138 Riley Bennett (Fairview) over Colin Gray (Pigeon Forge) Fall 3:00 0 6.0

145 Josh Parton (Pigeon Forge) over Mathew Cox (Fairview) Maj 10-2 4.0 0

152 Garrett Foreman (Pigeon Forge) over John Spicer (Fairview) Fall 2:40 6.0 0

160 Blake Mitchell (Fairview) over Aiden Littles (Pigeon Forge) Fall 1:12 0 6.0

170 Malachi Bennett (Fairview) over Khumovn Sattorov (Pigeon Forge) Maj 15-4 0 4.0

182 Joseph Skidmore (Pigeon Forge) over Marco Pukl (Fairview) SV-1 7-5 3.0 0

195 Ethan Sutton (Pigeon Forge) over Kendrick Curtis (Fairview) Fall 5:17 6.0 0

220 Caleb Wolfe (Pigeon Forge) over Arie Donaldson (Fairview) Fall 0:16 6.0 0

285 Jacob Clevenger (Fairview) over Mustafi Algarawi (Pigeon Forge) Fall 4:49 0 6.0

106 Sam Frank (Fairview) over Samuel Hadder (Pigeon Forge) Fall 2:16 0 6.0

113 Hunter Gentry (Pigeon Forge) over Josh Helm (Fairview) Fall 3:09 6.0 0

120 Keegan Seaver (Fairview) over James Justice (Pigeon Forge) TF 25-9 0 5.0

126 Jeffery Anderson (Fairview) over Andy Cable (Pigeon Forge) Inj 2:12 0 6.0

132 Noah Dyer (Pigeon Forge) over Mathew Blaylock (Fairview) Fall 3:31 6.0 0

unsportsmanlike 113 -1.0 Dual Meet Score 36.0 39.0

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