Electronics Recycling Solutions group

ERS employees at the Gallatin location handle the bulk of electronics recycling, but individuals can drop off computers and similar items at the Cool Springs location as well.

Health Connect America, a provider of mental and behavioral health services, has announced the expansion of Electronics Recycling Solutions, which is designed to provide employment for adults who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities through an ethical solution to electronics waste management.

According to a press release from the Franklin-based company, the expansion has already created 10 new jobs for adults with disabilities with plans to continue increasing the number of hires as the company launches more locations across Tennessee in Franklin, Johnson City and Chattanooga.

“We are really proud of our employees at ERS,” Dave Krikac, vice president of operations at Health Connect America, said in the release. “Through this expansion and upcoming expansions, we are going to be able to employ many more adults with disabilities.

“One in five Americans have a diagnosed disability and fewer than 20 percent are employed, so this is very exciting for the state of Tennessee.”

Kristi Shain, chief executive officer at Health Connect America, added, “We love to ensure our clients learn everyday life skills but more importantly live their best lives. Our mission is to create greater independence for adults with disabilities and to provide them a safe space to achieve their highest level of potential. 

“In addition to providing job opportunities, our team is working hard to keep electronics out of landfills. More than 50 million tons of electronics need recycling annually and our efforts are making an impact.”

Health Connect America has most recently partnered with Athens Distributing Company for the ERS program. Athens Distributing Company recently donated more than 60 iPads and has previously donated computer equipment from across Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville. 

“We see the tremendous value of the ERS program for both the community and the environment through recycling computers responsibly and employing this underemployed population,” said Don White, partner and chief financial officer at Athens Distributing Company. “The fact that ERS offers certificates of destruction for sensitive data on hard drives is also a big business benefit to us.” 

Electronics Recycling Solutions is accepting recycled computers, servers, laptops, cell phones and more. The main office for ERS is in Gallatin, but there is also a location in Cool Springs, at 508 Springs Court, Suite B, where individuals can drop off computers and similar items.

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