Franklin City Hall

The Franklin Board of Mayors and Aldermen met Tuesday night via videoconference the city business for what they hope will be the final time.

City administrator Eric Stuckey said during the meeting that the Williamson County comptroller’s office indicated that the city could resume in-person meetings on July 1. All city buildings, including Franklin City Hall will open to the public with normal business hours starting on Monday. City Hall normal business hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Stuckey said he wasn’t sure what meetings will look like going forward, but COVID-19 guidelines would continue to be followed.

“We’re working on arrangements to do that here at City Hall and do it in a way that helps protect our board members, the public and our staff,” he said. “We will be making some adjustments, but we expect our next meeting to be here, in person at City Hall.”

The board honored former Franklin resident and Brentwood police officer Destin Legieza, killed in a car crash on June 18, with a moment of silence. There also be a procession throughout the city honoring Legieza today beginning at 11 a.m.

Board members also voted on number of key issues related to the city of Franklin, including releasing federal money from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act to local agencies and voting down a measure to set winter sanitation and sewer prices in the city after a miscalculation by the city administration as to the economic impact of the proposed measure.

“I owe the board an apology for our miscalculation that we made, we calculated the relative impact of this change in our pricing structure to allow for winter pricing,” Stuckey said. "We originally calculated that to be at around $230,000. We made a pretty significant mistake and how we extrapolated a certain subset of revenue data in our wastewater utility.”

The estimated loss of revenue would have been around $1.7 million this year, or 8 to 9 percent. Stuckey suggested the board defeat the measure and come back to it when they had a more complete picture of how this affected the utility over this year and the board’s five-year plan.

Alderman Beverly Berger of Ward 1 asked her why not just delay the vote instead of defeating the measure, but joined her colleagues in a unanimous vote after Stuckey’s explanation.

Scott Speedy, alderman of Ward 3, agreed with the concept of starting over, but hope they kept the structure of this plan.

“I too will vote to disapprove it, but I think most of the board members agree that the concept of, we want to accurately charge water rates for water and sewer rates for sewer,” he said. "I agree should still go down the path of making sure we are getting these rates correct.”

The board also voted unanimously to ward a $12.7 million contract to Civil Constructors LLC. For the Carter Franklin Road Improvements Project along with three other contracts.

The meeting ended with a unanimous vote approving the 2021 fiscal year budget for the city.

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