Trevell Starnes mug shot

Trevell Starnes

A Franklin man has been indicted by a grand jury on several drug charges following allegations that he was in possession of a variety of controlled substances, cash and a gun in what police and prosecutors said was his intent to sell the assortment of drugs in December of 2020.

According to the indictment, 35-year-old Trevell Donta Lydell Starnes was charged with four counts of employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous offense, three counts of possession of schedule II drugs with intent to sell or deliver (involving fentanyl, Oxycodone and Clonazolam), possession of marijuana with intent to sell or deliver, driving under the influence and possession of a firearm while under the influence.

According to the affidavit filed with the Williamson County Criminal Circuit Court, Starnes was the subject of a traffic stop by Franklin Police in the early morning hours of Dec. 23, 2020, while an officer was patrolling the Thoroughbred Village shopping center and saw a vehicle with the engine on and the brake engaged while in park sitting in front of Office Depot.

Officers said that they found Starnes asleep behind the wheel with the "strong odor" of cannabis coming from the the vehicle's open sunroof.

The affidavit alleges that Starnes had a Walther PPX 9mm pistol visible in his lap, and they detained Starnes as he was asked to step out of the vehicle.

FPD reported that Starnes was in possession of fifteen 30 mg, eighteen 10 mg Oxycodone pills, thirteen 2 mg Alparzolam pills, 155 grams of cannabis, $1,029 in cash and unused sandwich bags.

Starnes was arrested at that time for going armed during a dangerous felony, but wasn't indicted by the Williamson County Grand Jury until last month.

Starnes is being held in the Williamson County Jail on a $56,500 bond and has a scheduled court date on Aug. 20.

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