Edwin Andrews mug shot

Edwin Andrews

The Franklin Police Department arrested a man they said is suspected of a string of vehicle burglaries that took place over the course of several months.

According to an FPD news release, 35-year-old Edwin Andrews, of Franklin, has been charged with criminal impersonation, evading arrest, felony theft, drug possession and auto burglary, and was jailed with a $14,000 bond, although FPD said that additional charges are pending.

Police said that the burglaries all occurred along the West Main Street and Downs Boulevard corridors, but they did not say exactly when the burglaries are believed to have begun, citing "alert citizens and proactive policing" in identifying Andrews as a suspect.

"When officers went to arrest Andrews at his W. Main St. home, Monday night, he retreated inside and hid in a crawlspace," the news release reads. "Officers who chased Andrews into the home discovered several stolen items, including a handgun."

No other information about the case was immediately available.