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The Franklin Special School District announced recently that is among the top 10 highest performing school districts in Tennessee based on the 2021-22 TCAP achievement scores. 

In looking at the TVAAS growth scores, the FSSD achieved Level 5s in science and social studies, a Level 3 in literacy, and room to grow with a Level 1 in math. TVAAS measures student growth year over year, as compared to students across the state, regardless of achievement scores.

"What we know to be true is that we are achieving at high levels in all subject areas, and we are extremely proud of the work that our students, teachers, staff and families put in on a daily basis to be successful,” FSSD Director of Schools David Snowden said in a press release from the district. “The TVAAS statistical growth model is complex when you look at how students compare across the state with very different learning circumstances.” 

Snowden said the district is evaluating all data, including a deeper dive into the growth of FSSD students from fall to spring on nationally normed reading and math tests. “While the TVAAS scores are an important data point,” he said, “we feel it is imperative to look at the growth of FSSD students over time in their own schools. (see attachment).

“High achievement like ours is wonderful, but we understand there are always areas that require improvement, refinement and re-teaching. 

“Our responsibilities are to take both the achievement and growth data and to ensure every student in our district has the same opportunity to experience success and progress throughout the year.”