Enexor Ventilator

The Franklin company Enexor created a low cost ventilator to help hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic.

Google has selected Franklin-based Enexor BioEnergy, LLC, along with 10 other companies throughout North America it views as leaders in climate change solutions, for its new startup incubator program.

One of the fastest-progressing, renewable energy leader in America today, Enexor is increasingly known for a Bio-CHP system that reportedly converts just about any biomass waste, organic waste or plastic into thermal energy, making the system and its process a reliably renewable power source. It boasts of a “plug-and-play design” that’s easy to transport and quickly deployable to any of most locales on earth, and Enexor claims it’s another example of renewable energy being more cost-effective than fossil fuels.

Enexor has already expressed the intent to use the opportunity Google’s providing to expedite market proliferation for its carbon conversion and renewable energy solution, making it more widely available.

“This is a major boost for our technology and a great honor to be selected by Google for the launch of its accelerator program,” said Enexor CEO Lee Jestings. “We believe Google’s deep technical, engineering and novel machine learning expertise will dramatically accelerate commercialization of our renewable energy and carbon reduction technology and help us deploy our systems to the neediest places in the world.”

This comes on the heels of Halliburton Labs’s announcement of partnership with Enexor as well for its new clean technology incubator program. Announced back in February, that partnership preceded the United Nations selecting Enexor as the only American winner of its estimable World Tourism Organization Sustainable Development Goals Global Startup Competition to win in the “Affordable and Clean Energy” category.

Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change is a brand new, nearly three-month program beginning its inaugural round in June. It’s designed to lend access to Google’s best products, programs, technology and personnel for the 11 selected firms whose seed-round solutions show promise for offsetting the consequences of climate change.

The program is a digital, 10-week accelerator for North-American tech startups in their seed round or in Series A, the investment stage immediately following the seed stage. Through this program, Google will also be assisting in product design, sourcing clientele for Enexor and developing the leadership of its founders.

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