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Annalise Dodson


Annalise Dodson, daughter of Ivy and Mark Dodson, is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

She is a junior at Franklin High School and member of the Girls Wrestling Team. She competes in the 125 weight class. She is currently 17-7 and is ranked 6th in the girls 125 division. She also recently placed 3rd at the Ramsey Rumble.

Dodson started wrestling after FHS made an announcement last year that there would be a girls wrestling division at the school. She said it sounded like so much fun and she wanted to try it.

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “I have won quite a few matches, but I have lost quite a few as well. This reminds me that there will always be other girls fighting to be the best, and I need to outfight them.”

Her biggest role models are her coaches, Coach T, Tucker, K and Warfield. “They are skilled, organized and disciplined,” she said. “I really look up to them.” 

FHS Wrestling Coach Tucker Cathey said of Dodson, “Annalise is pioneering the Franklin Girls Wrestling Team program in her second year of wrestling and the program’s second year ever. Annalise’s greatest attribute is her willingness to learn and get better.”

After graduating from FHS, she plans to continue her wrestling career in college. She would like to pursue a major in the humanities.

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