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Lillian Schmittou


Lillian Schmittou, daughter of Sammi Hoffman-Schmittou and Steve Schmittou, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a sophomore at Centennial High School and a member of the Girls Soccer Team. She plays the position of goalkeeper for the team. 

This season, she said placing second to Ravenwood High School at the District Tournament and defeating Franklin High School were her biggest highlights.

Schmittou said that her start in the sport was due to a few family difficulties. She wanted a way to deal with certain tensions and said that soccer has been one thing to get her through hard times.

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “To be the best, and make my mom and dad proud.” 

CHS Soccer Coach Marylynn Williams said of her, “Lilli came up with big saves last week during the District Tournament in matches against Independence, Franklin and Ravenwood High School. Her improvements over the last several months were evident in her performances in the post season. Lilli has taken this season in stride and through her ups and downs has continued to better her technical abilities and tactical awareness of the game.”

One of her top role models is her mother, Sammi. “I aspire to be like her and never give up and work as hard as she does every day,” she said.

Schmittou describes herself as hardworking and self-motivated. When she’s not playing soccer she enjoys spending her time working at her job at Frothy Monkey.

After graduating from CHS, she plans to continue her soccer career in college and pursue a career as a lawyer.

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