j haynes AOW

Jayln Haynes


Jayln Haynes, daughter of Allison Richardson, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She is a sophomore at Centennial High School and a member of the Basketball Cheerleading Team. She is a backspot for the team.

This season, Haynes said her biggest highlight was cheering at the games against Franklin High. “I loved the big crowds and performing in front of them,” she said.

Haynes said all it took for her to start cheerleading was her mother sending her a picture of the tryout sheet. “My mom sent me a picture… and I just signed up and tried out,” she said.

When asked what inspires her to continue training and competing she said, “My team inspires me the most. Their support keeps me going and to try over and over till I get it right.” 

CHS Basketball Cheer Coach, Amelia Curtis, said of Haynes, “Jayln consistently demonstrates characteristics of a great teammate. She leads by example and always comes ready to work hard. Her smile is infectious! Jayln truly is one of a kind.”

Her top role model in life is her mother. “She is a hard worker and does her best in what she does,” she said.

Haynes describes herself as open-minded and fearless. When she’s not cheering on the basketball team, she enjoys cooking, playing basketball and dancing.

After graduating from CHS, she plans to pursue a career in acting.