j anway AOW

Jackson Anway


Jackson Anway, son of Jared and Holly Anway, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is a junior at Page High School and a member of the Bowling Team. 

This season, he bowled his first score over 200 and was able to keep that high average throughout most of the year.

Anway said he started bowling purely for fun his freshman year, but realized pretty quickly that he was actually good at the sport.

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “Just that high score of 234 and the anticipation of me knowing and being able to beat it and improve.” 

His top role models in life are his coaches. He said he admires their patience in “putting up with” the whole team.

PHS Bowling Coach Jeremiah Underwood said of Anway, “Jackson epitomizes all the great qualities that an athlete at Page High School should. He’s hard working, driven, and fiercely competitive. He’s a fantastic kid with a big heart and has a bright future ahead as a student and athlete.” 

Anway describes himself as persevering, a team player, fun and friendly. When he’s not bowling, he enjoys spending time with friends, going to Walmart and competing on the PHS Boys Track Team.

After graduating from PHS, he plans to go to college to pursue a career in engineering and possibly continue competing in track and field.