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Will Scott


Will Scott, son of Gregory and Denise Scott, is this week’s Athlete of the Week. He is a sophomore at Page High School and a member of the Cross Country Team.

This season, Scott’s biggest accomplishment was running an 18-minute 5k.

Scott credits his brother for his interest in the sport. “My brother, Chandler, used to run cross country throughout middle and high school,” he said. “His interest in it caused me to try it by doing my first 5k in elementary school.”

When asked what inspires him to continue training and competing he said, “For me, I just love the grind and seeing it pay off. The more results I see from working hard, the more it pushes me to keep on doing it. If I get a personal record in a race, it inspires me to push myself harder than I did before to beat that record.”

PHS Cross Country Coach Shawn Carter states, “Will’s positive attitude and leadership have helped to grow Page into a championship caliber program; he leads by example and continues to grow as a student-athlete each day.” 

One of his top role models in life is his grandfather. He said he looks up to him for many reasons, including his work ethic and his kind, loving and gentle attitude. “He would treat others with so much compassion and understanding, and he would never ask anything of himself,” he said. “So I strive to be like him every day." 

Scott describes himself as respectful, humble and loving. When he’s not running, he enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, watching movies and playing video games.

After graduating from PHS, Scott has several ideas for what he would like to pursue. “Maybe track and field, seminary, engineering or acting.”

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