Williamson County Schools' Centennial High School was ordered to shelter in place on Wednesday after the school system said that an "anonymous threat" was made on social media. 

According to Williamson County Schools, the shelter in place was lifted around 2:15 p.m. after a law enforcement investigation, and students were dismissed at their regular time while the school saw an increase in law enforcement throughout the remainder of the day.

The extent of that investigation was not made clear by the Williamson County Sheriff's Office, who staff deputies in the role of school resource officers.

The order was issued "out of abundance of caution," but WCS did not specify what the threat was, but on Wednesday evening CHS Principal Dr. Kevin Dyson directly addressed some rumors in an email to parents. 

"While the investigation continues into an anonymous social media threat involving our school, I'd like to take a moment to address some of the rumors that have spread throughout the community," Dyson said. "Rumors ranging from a gun being found on campus to a group of students being arrested are not true."

"Law enforcement is continuing its investigation and we remain committed to prosecuting all school related threats," Dyson said.

"Once again, parents, please talk to your children about the consequences of making any type of school threat. In addition, posting rumors on social media can cause more harm than good, so encourage your students to speak with a trusted adult if they see or hear something that is concerning."

No further information about the investigation was immediately available.