To the Editor:

This year, our nation has been challenged by hurricanes and severe storms, wildfires and flooding, and far too many tragedies.

Through it all, the American Red Cross has been there with hot meals, safe shelter, a shoulder to lean on, and blood products whenever and wherever needed.

Your readers have supported the Red Cross during these moments, and we’re asking for their continued support this winter by making a blood or platelet donation.

Blood donations often drop around the holidays. We get it – between recitals, family commitments and shopping, there’s not a lot of time to donate. But hospital patients don’t always get to choose the moment they’ll need a potentially lifesaving transfusion.

The most valuable gift of all for a patient in need doesn’t cost a thing. Our hope is that readers who are looking for a new or different way to give back this holiday season will consider donating blood or platelets.

Life is a gift. Help us give more of it.


Joel Sullivan

Regional Chief Executive Officer

Tennessee Region

The American Red Cross Franklin location is 129 W Fowlkes Street, # 100. Go online to book an appointment at