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As election day nears, political signs have become a familiar sight and the occasional target of political frustrations, including one now internet-viral incident that saw a man pull up another citizen’s yard sign in Franklin. 

The incident took place early on Wednesday morning in the Cool Springs East neighborhood after an unidentified man was recorded on a home doorbell camera pulling up and throwing down a yard sign for Bob Britton, a candidate for the Williamson County Board of Education, while looking at the camera, shaking his finger and saying, “no.”

The video was shared online by Williamson Strong, a community organization formed in 2014 which now also operates as a political action committee which has endorsed several school board candidates, including Britton.

The Home Page attempted to reach out to the unidentified homeowner who recorded the video, but they have not issued a comment at this time.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Franklin Police Department said in an email that they had conducted an investigation but had not made any arrests and no charges had been filed against the man.

On Thursday afternoon, FPD released an updated news release on the incident.

“Working with neighbors, officers have identified the man in that video,” the release reads. “After conferring with prosecutors, Criminal Trespass could be a potential charge. Criminal Trespass is a Class-C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $50.00, and a sentence of not more than 30-days in jail.

“What happened here should not be the experience of anyone who chooses to support a candidate, and the Department is saddened that this occurred. The homeowner advised officers that they do not want to prosecute. The Department however stands ready to assist them with pursuing criminal action, should they decide to do so. Absent an arrest and pending prosecution, it is not appropriate for the Department to publicly identify the man in the video.”

Britton did not respond to a request for comment.