Post office street view

City Administrator Eric Stuckey said the city of Franklin and FirstBank are working together to ensure that the post office at Five Points remains in operation after the current contractor retires from his position on the last day of February.

The city has owned the iconic building in downtown Franklin since 2007, and it worked out a 20-year lease arrangement with FirstBank in February 2013. Renovations were subsequently made to what was then entirely a post office, and now FirstBank shares the structure with the co-owner of the company that contracts with the United States Postal Service.

Tom Otte, who owns American Mail and Insert (AMi) marketing company in Brentwood with Barb Izzo, has sublet the space from FirstBank since 2014. He announced to officials with the USPS in late October his plans to retire Feb. 29. He has six employees that work at the Five Points location.

“We very much value preserving the post office at that location,” Stuckey told the Franklin Home Page Tuesday afternoon. … “From talking to FirstBank, they very much value keeping that as a post office as well.”

Stuckey later addressed the subject at Tuesday night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting at Franklin City Hall. 

“When we did the lease arrangement with FirstBank in 2013, one of the key components was to maintain the post office function in that location,” he said. “We also anticipated that if that contractor would stop servicing or vacating, that they would make best efforts to provide a service in that location. All those pieces are in place.”

Meanwhile, Otte said Tuesday he has referred about 10 individuals or groups interested in taking over to an employee in the downtown Nashville post office. Stuckey said he has steered a couple of interested parties that way as well, and FirstBank officials have also heard from a handful.

The Five Points post office has catered to a large population of downtown residents and businesses for decades. Otte, who will continue working in the AMi location in Cool Springs, said the post office does over $1 million in business each year. 

The space includes between 1,500 and 1,600 mailboxes, according to Otte, with over 1,000 of them held by long-term customers.