After just one season on the job, Page High School boys basketball coach Aaron Howard is no longer with the program. 

Though, Howard and the school disagree with how his exit went about this week. 

PHS principal Dr. Katie Hill shared Wednesday that Howard had resigned from his role on the Patriots bench. 

"Page High appreciates Coach Howard's contribution to our community," a release from Hill read. 

After this update was shared, Howard reached out to the Home Pages and provided a conflicting perspective on his status with the program. 

Howard says he did not resign and was fired from Page after his year with the team. He said Hill cited his lack of being a teacher with the school as the reason why they were moving on from him as coach. 

"I never resigned," Howard said Wednesday night. "I was told today that they were going to move in a different direction. They wanted a teacher in the building." 

Howard cites Ron Brock, the Page girls basketball coach, as someone who is only employed by Page as a coach, not a teacher. The Page High School staff directory supports this, with Brock only listed as a coach there. 

"I was completely blindsided today by that," Howard said about his alleged firing, adding he had no indication during the season this move was coming. "It kinds of bewilders me a little bit, given the success we had this year." 

Howard joined Page as its boys basketball coach last May after replacing former Page coach Larry Noe. The former was a longtime Brentwood assistant under Dennis King. 

Under Howard, Page went 17-10 overall and 10-6 in district this year. The team reached the region tournament this past February, falling to Cane Ridge in the region quarterfinals. 

Howard cited the team's record, its region berth and the team's win over 11-AAA powerhouse Brentwood, all significant in the school's recent history, as proof in his turnaround effort with the program. It's why, he says, the move was so surprising. 

"I came in a year ago and worked very hard with this program to turn it around, and I think we did that, starting some building blocks," Howard said. "Obviously, I'm disappointed, after year one, being let go, but, I think, more importantly, I'm disappointed for the boys that are going to have three coaches in three years. That's not a good thing.

"I want them to have continuity and consistency...I just wish that they could get that, and for whatever reason, the Page administration doesn't want to show that to them. Three coaches in three years...I don't think that's very healthy for a high school basketball program. 

"But, they make their decisions, and that's fine...I'll move along, and I'll move forward." 

We have reached out to WCS for comment on this updated story. 

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