Page (10-8) and Summit (5-13) battled in the final game of the season to cap off a great regular season of basketball in the state of Tennessee.

Page lead the game for the first two quarters of the game, losing the lead in the third quarter. Much like the girls game before, the fourth quarter would be the difference maker as the Patriots got a 64-52 home victory to end the year.

“It’s big locking up that fourth seed because it ensures that we get to play at home,” said Page coach Aaron Howard. “I think it was a good bounce back win after Tuesday night against Ravenwood in a game we felt we should have won. I think the guys did a great job of bouncing back and just closing out the game tonight.”

The first quarter was controlled by the Patriots as they finished the quarter up six points with an 18-12 lead.

The second quarter was much of the same in the beginning. The Patriots got off to a hot start, branching out to an 11 point lead. However, Summit would go on to make it a 6-point game at halftime as the Patriots kept their lead going into the third quarter at 29-23.

“I just think we had some mistakes,” said Howard. “We got a lead, and I don’t know if we just got complacent or what. We just started to have some careless turnovers. Those are some things that are going to have be cleaned before the tournament.”

Once the smoke cleared after the first half, the lead went back and forth in the third quarter. Summit came out on top,  ending the third quarter with their first lead of the game up 40-39.

“We’ve a lot of guys come and go for various reasons,” said Summit coach Jim Fey. “I’ve got some kids who are starting to learn how to step up now, but in doing so, the emotional and momentum got a little bit ahead of them.

With the momentum and the lead, the Spartans went into the fourth quarter with their heads held high.

However, Page turned the game around and won the fourth quarter, preventing the upset.

It came down to limiting mistakes and executing at the free throw line in the end

“It was important for us to take care of the ball towards the end of the game and make free throws,” said Howard. “Earlier in the season, we would’ve withered in a game like this. The growth of the team and the growth of the guys is where it needs to be right now as we head into the tournament.”

Summit finishes the regular season with a 5-14 record, and a 2-7 district record. They’ll finish as the eighth seed in the district and will one of the top teams like Brentwood or Franklin.

“We’re obviously disappointed that we haven’t played better this year,” said Fey. “But with that being said, you’ve got to lace them up and be ready to play whoever it is.”

Page moves to 11-8 with the win and a 6-6 district record to finish the season. It is unclear which team they will play come tournament time, but one thing that is certain is that they will have a home game to start.

“We’ll be a little more detailed with our film watching,” said Howard. “This year was just so odd and you never knew who was gonna play with COVID-19 and contact tracing from game to game. Now I think we’re gonna know who’s playing and we’ll be able to have more attention to detail than in the regular season.”

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