The Williamson County Republican Party held its annual Reagan Day Gala on Saturday featuring Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) as the guest of honor. 

“We are truly delighted and honored that you are here to support your local party, your local candidates, your state leaders, your federal leaders who all work tirelessly to fight for your rights and fight back against those who want to take our freedom as Americans away from us,” Williamson County Republican Party Chairman Cheryl Brown told the crowd of hundreds who filled a conference room inside of Franklin’s Marriott Cool Springs hotel.

2022_WCReaganDayGala Williamson County Republican Party Chairman Cheryl Brown

Williamson County Republican Party Chairman Cheryl Brown 

The event featured remarks by Tennessee Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty as well as Gov. Bill Lee who gave the invocation for the event.

“We live in the greatest county in the greatest state in the country, and this country is on a path to becoming a more perfect union,” Lee said. “I believe in America and I believe in the people of America, and I think Americans are very smart. I think they know when we're going to close to one ditch, and they make the adjustments necessary, and we're about to see a great big adjustment."

2022_WCReaganDayGala_-2.jpg Gov. Bill Lee

Tenn. Gov. Bill Lee

Scott’s speech relied heavily on anecdote and humor but didn't focus on grander issues outside of familiar Republican talking points on a variety of subjects. These included the American war in Afghanistan, immigration and border security, petroleum-based energy, inflation, gas prices, critical race theory and American exceptionalism, serving as a rallying cry ahead of the midterm elections.

“If you don't remember anything else I say tonight, remember this, America is the solution, not the problem,” Scott said as he recounted his childhood, comparing the “Biden years” to the “Carter years,” in reference to former President Jimmy Carter and the economic turmoil of the 1970s. 

2022_WCReaganDayGala_-6.jpg Tim Scott

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott

While Scott called on not just a red wave but a “tsunami” in the upcoming elections, a majority of dissatisfied voters on both sides of the political aisle doesn’t give as clear of a picture as to the potential political shake-up in Washington D.C.

New York Times poll detailed that “most voters say the political system can no longer address the nation’s problems," even if Republicans are expected to fare well in November's midterms. 

“The good news is that while all the problems that I described were preventable, they’re solvable,” Scott said. “Elections have consequences, and it is our responsibility to remind them in November.”


Attendees mingle at the 2022 Williamson County Republican Party Reagan Day Gala in Franklin.

“America is the solution,” Scott concluded. “You're not the problem, but as we move and inspire others to see what is clearly before them, they too, left, right, will join the team of the greatest grassroots movement in the history of this country, the greatest necessary conservative movement, because we must remember that a divided Republican Party is the path to socialism.”

Following Sen. Scott’s remarks, Tennessee State Representative Sam Whitson and Congressman Mark Green introduced Republican Party congressional and state representative candidates, while State Sen. Jack Johnson also made brief remarks.