d villasenor SOW

Daniel Villasenor


Daniel Villasenor, son of Maria and Celestino Villasenor, is a sophomore at Centennial High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

Villasenor said graduating is always at the front of his mind and that working hard is the key. “Without working to get something you will never get it,” he said. 

His top role model in life is CHS biology teacher, Ms. Jennifer McCollum. He said he looks up to her for her kindness and patience. 

When asked to name his favorite class, he said it had to be criminal justice with Coach Serbin. “He’s the homie and his class is really interesting and fun." 

Coach Serbin said of Villasenor, “Daniel always comes to class with a handshake. When I’m not having a great day, I can count on that handshake and asking how the day is going. Daniel completes all his work and is always respectful in class.”

Villasenor describes himself as hard working, kind, funny and light-hearted.

With only a year of high school under his belt, he is still exploring his options for post-graduation.