l bass SOW

Landon Bass


Landon Bass is a freshman at Fairview High School and this week’s Student of the Week. 

He is a hardworking student as well as a competitive athlete for FVHS. He competes in cross country, basketball and soccer.

His top passions are keeping good grades and performing well in sports. “I enjoy the rewards I get when I try my best,” he said. 

His favorite teacher at FVHS is Coach Jackson. “He teaches us things beyond school,” Bass said.

One of his top role models and inspirations is Jesus. He said he believes that everyone should aspire to be like him.

When asked to describe himself in one word, he chose hardworking.

FVHS English teacher Madison Pendleton said of Bass, “Landon is more than just intelligent; he is kind. I have seen him stop his work to help others. The work he does is thorough and timely. He is funny and a joy to be around.”

After graduating, he plans to take the pre-med track in college and eventually work to become a doctor.