m faircloth SOW

Maddox Faircloth


Maddox Faircloth, son of Laura and Jaime Faircloth, is a freshman at Fairview High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

One of Faircloth’s biggest passions is participating in the FvHS Band. “I am passionate about playing my saxophone because I enjoy playing it and I like the sound of it,” he said. 

His favorite class at FvHS is History. He said it’s his favorite because he finds it to be the most interesting subject. 

Faircloth describes himself as chill and nice.

FvHS teacher Evelyn Folks said of him, "Maddox is a polite, respectable, responsible, diligent, mature young man. He completed the first semester of his freshman year missing only three assignments and passing his classes with all A’s and B’s. This accomplishment is a huge feat for an individual in Tier 3 reading intervention class. He is always willing to learn and he works hard every day to improve his skills.”

As he is only a freshman, Faircloth has not yet made any collegiate decisions.