l kilgore SOW

Lauren Kilgore


Lauren Kilgore, daughter of Melissa and Dale Kilgore, is a sophomore at Page High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

She is an honors student and since elementary school, has been enrolled in honors classes. “I strive to be perceived as intelligent and I’m sure that plays a big role in why I am the way I am today,” she said.

She is on the AB Honor Roll and said she is most successful in her English and history classes.

Her biggest passion in life is cheerleading. She has been cheering since 7th grade and recently joined an All-Star competition team. “Cheer itself is a huge commitment, but being on two teams takes serious dedication and optimism,” she said. “As I continually experience, nothing is handed to me, nor anybody on the two teams for that matter. Working towards goals and striving for that new skill whether it be tumbling, stunting or just being a better teammate overall, has really impacted my view on the sport as a whole.”

One of her top role models in life is singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. She said Swift will always be her biggest role model. “Her fourth album, 1989, was my first purchased music of any sort and I knew immediately that I would forever be a fan,” she said. “… She treats herself, as well as her friends and family, as nothing more than what she did before her fame. I have looked up to this artist ever since I was a kid for her kindness and overall being, therefore she is my biggest inspiration.”

When asked to pick her favorite teacher at PHS, she immediately chose her English teacher, Mr. John Baker. She said she appreciates his laid-back attitude and teaching style. She added that she can’t wait to take another class from him her junior year.

Kilgore describes herself as bubbly and upbeat. When she’s not in class or competing in cheer, she participates in Debate Club, Kids for a Cause Club, DECA, Smiles for Kids and Random Acts of Kindness Club.

After graduating from PHS, she plans to go to college. She has narrowed in on three schools she would like to explore more: New York University, Belmont University and The University of Tennessee-Knoxville.