g mcmillen SOW

Graham McMillen


Graham McMillen, son of Shellie McMillen, is a junior at Page High School and this week’s Student of the Week. 

McMillen said his biggest accomplishments this year have been improving his reading and writing articulated essays, as well as doing presentations in class. “I think all this and the Page environment have helped me to grow and mature as a person,” he added.

One of his top passions in life is gardening. “It has made me happy, given me a good workout, and plenty of produce to spare,” he said. “I’ve grown plenty of okra, sunflowers, watermelon, corn, radishes, collard greens and peas.

When asked to pick a role model, McMillen couldn’t choose just one. He said that Hugh Herr, a scientist and prosthetist, and his uncles, Caleb and Manny, are who he looks up to most. “I find it fascinating how science and technology have advanced, especially in medicine and prosthetics,” he said. “The work that people like Hugh Herr do on prosthetics and that coupled with BCI’s (brain computer interface) has the potential to do wonders in people’s lives.

Of his uncles, he said he admires them for teaching him “to have a good sense of humor, think logically and be responsible for” himself.

His favorite teachers at PHS are Cindy Applegate and Josh Hollandsworth. He said he appreciates them for always being great to talk with and fantastic teachers.

McMillen describes himself as funny and thoughtful. When he’s not in school, he spends his time working as a farm hand and cashier, as well as watching and playing basketball, doing archery, tending to his garden and learning about business. 

After graduating from PHS, he plans to attend a community college for two years and then pursue a bachelor’s degree. He would like to pursue a career as a biomedical engineer or a pharmacist.

“I’ll still leave the door open for what the future holds, but I look forward to it,” he said.